“I stumbled into Maralle’s class while I was in the middle of a world tour with my film. I was weary from travel and in desperate need of reconnecting. The kinks in my tired and sore body needed ironing, I was under enormous stress, and I needed something to give me a boost to keep going. Maralle’s class was incredible. The instant she started teaching, she brought me into the present moment.  Her class was a moving meditation, reconnecting my breath, my mind and my body. I left the class on a total high and feeling like I could cope with the long weeks ahead. I’ll never forget that class and neither will my hips.” -Shannon Harvey, Director The Connection.

“I have been taking classes with Maralle for about 6 months now, and participated in her Dharma Purification Program in October. I knew just a few minutes into my first class with her that I had found something and someone incredibly special. She helped me take my practice beyond asana, and I found myself healing in places I didn’t know were broken. With Maralle’s guidance, I am learning how to practice love and be receptive in every area of my life. In body and mind, I am the healthiest I have ever been. The best part is that I know this is just the beginning of my journey, and I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with such an amazing teacher to guide me along the way” -Juliana I., Purification Program, 2014.

“Going home with Maralle to Jordan was a lifetime peak experience and I highly recommend this retreat for yoga practitioners of all levels. Meditating and practicing yoga on the banks of the Dead Sea, in a cave at Petra, and facing the dunes of Wadi Rum left enduring impressions on my wide range of life experiences. The retreat was beautifully organized, smoothly run, and comfortably available to our diverse group of fellow travelers. Definitely, returning to Jordan with Maralle is something I intend to do again.” -Jennifer, Jordan Yoga Retreat, 2014.

“I really enjoyed the Dharma II and III 6-week series. Maralle’s instruction was excellent, and the small class format meant we each got lots of attention.Through repeating the sequences every week, I could see improvements in my flexibility and strength. I feel much more comfortable with my headstands and am working towards pincha mayurasana without the wall. Thank you for sharing your passion and commitment for yoga with us!” -Caroline

“Maralle is an inspiring teacher whose love of Dharma yoga is evident in every class. She is subtle in her encouragement of every student to push themselves into a deeper practice, while keeping the class light and personal. Her classes are a no-pressure experience that allows for students to advance at their own pace (and you will advance!). I encourage anyone who is interested in yoga or has an established practice to give one of Maralle’s classes a try, there is only good to be gained from doing so!” -Asia

“When we were doing Crow yesterday you started talking about mindfulness and how we can show up in the world. You encouraged us to think about how we want to shine. Doing a pose like crow can be scary and can certainly paralyze you into thinking that you can’t do it but by encouraging us to ignore that actual process and just think about how we can be strong and we can just show up for ourselves I was able to do it! Aside from getting the pose, though, I suddenly felt stronger, clearer and more confident. I wanted more of myself…that sounds so weird, but it felt so good to let go of the results and just believe in myself. The walls were broken down. I have been trying to stay more focused and present and hearing you talk about showing up and expressing ourselves I was able to adjust my negative thinking and come closer to what yoga is all about but also what showing up for me is all about. I can do things that I might be afraid of if I just try. And success is really about putting in some effort regardless of what happens. When you try you win. That’s what I learned from you and I can’t thank you enough.” -Rebecca

“I had the opportunity to meet and be coached by Maralle in two “digital 40 days to personal revolution”, I can only express my deep gratitude for her amazing guidance and patience. She is a constant reminder of what “shining and spreading the light” means.” -Ana

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the great work that you do and for the inspiration that you provide, even when you are not teaching! Today in class I had a major breakthrough, because I kept reminding myself of the principles that you teach, that one has to build every pose from the strong foundation, and be present, and play and have fun. I had a great time trying to go beyond the familiar in every pose, but at the same time paying attention to the foundation. Whenever I’d get confused, I’d just return to the basic pose and go from there. So when we all got to inversions, I just got into the wheel–the form that I used to struggle with–like it was the easiest thing in the world. And to be honest, once you know how, it really is not hard! I almost couldn’t believe how easy it was, and kept repeating it, and I’d succeed every time! I walked out of the class floating a foot off the ground. I would not be able to do this without your inspiration and encouragement. Thank you Maralle.” -Alex

“Although I am new to Maralle’s classes I jumped on the chance to share how wonderful she is. The energy she brings to class stays through out and is equally empowering as it is challenging! Her instruction continues to remind me of how thankful I am to be practicing yoga all mind, body, and spirit! If you want growth Maralle’s classes will provide!” -Jasmine

“My experience of Maralle, as a friend, a yoga instructor, and a coach is one of love, support, and empowerment. Being guided through the asana by a powerful teacher, leaves a sense of power within your own body. Maralle is a powerful teacher and brings an intention of serving her students to each of her classes. I have no doubts that Maralle is also a powerful coach. As a friend she has periodically coached me through times of growth and always leaves me in a space of possibility, when possibility wasn’t visible prior to our conversations. Maralle sees the gift in each moment, and is herself a gift to the world. Be loved, supported, and empowered by this beautiful coach and yoga instructor.” -Jenny

“Maralle is completely committed to helping others achieve what they say is important to them. I have had the privilege of being a participant in two digital 40 days programs facilitated by Maralle. She holds the space for others to shine and sets an example of what it looks like to be completely authentic. Much gratitude!” -Leanne

“Maralle’s teaching is all about self-expression and living life to the fullest, whether it’s on the mat, or in life! I attend her flow yoga classes at work, and I’ve also participated in the “40 days to personal revolution” program that she led. The energy she brings to her classes inspires everyone to be present in the moment and give each pose their fullest expression. The daily grind just melts away with each pose and I always leave her class feeling rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the work day!” -Swathi

“I really enjoyed Maralle while she assisted Baron at my Teacher Training in Austin. I could always count on her personal smile and insightful inspiration to hold me up during our long training hours. She is one of the rare and positive movements in the word. She stands and holds space for us and with us. She know the true experience of Union!” -Gina

“I am attending Maralle’s yoga class two days a week for last five months. I really love her class. She has great flow of poses, takes personal attention to each student to get the fullest expression of each pose to his/her level. Each pose, she pays attention on breathing, correctness of the poses and help student to get deep into a pose to make inner connection with body and mind… I absolutely love her class. (I wish I could take her class every day!)… Her class not only make me relaxed in my mind but make me sweat.” -Sadia

“Maralle establishes deep, honest and long-lasting connections with the people in her life. After working with her on 40 days, I know that I will always have her standing in my corner encouraging and challenging me to cultivate my best self. She is a woman of action who translates her own dreams into reality and she is at her best when inspiring others do the same. She is simply grace in action.” -Amy

“I recently took part in the first ever Baptiste digital 40 days to personal revolution where Maralle was our small group facilitator. The programme itself was amazing and I cant speak highly enough of Maralle’s involvement and professionalism throughout the entire 40 days where time and time again she showed up BIG with full commitment and presence to each and everyone who was in the programme. I would highly recommend Maralle’s life coaching services to anyone who is looking to take on transformational work or take a great Power Yoga class.” -Jason

“Maralle, I thought you were the perfect guide for the digital 40 days program. You were always reaching out to us very supportive not judgmental and always guiding through inquiry. You knew the program well and had a lot of confidence. It created a secure foundation to start the program on and truly left the possibilities for growth up to us. I thought it was a fabulous experience and wish you much luck and success!” -Nancy

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